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My ideal for manga is for myself to enjoy by illustrating, and as a consequence of my work, also let the readers enjoy by reading them. ( Fujiko·F·Fujio ) | Image of Completed Museum

Visitors would definitely be able to feel and enjoy Fujiko·F·Fujio's “Dream”, “Miracle” and “Fun Mind” at our museum.

Fujiko·F·Fujio adhered to heart warming laughter, ordinary life of children, a bit mysterious SF style.
Fujiko·F·Fujio, whose real name is Hiroshi Fujimoto, has continuously wrote manga which filled the readers' heart with joy.
Dream, hope, friendship, courage, and curiosity… and his affection towards human being…
Our museum is filled with his ideas and will continue sending his message to the future generations.

Seven Concepts of Fujiko·F·Fujio Museum, in Kawasaki-city

Fujiko·F·Fujio, who has long lived in Tama-ku, Kawasaki-city and continuously illustrated manga for children, was rewarded Cultural Award from Kawasaki-city, and had a strong relationship with the city.
Mrs. Fujiko's wish, “I would like to return a favor to the children who have supported my husband's manga.” have led to the planning of construction for this museum. The museum was created as cultural facility for a wide range of generation, and intends to introduce his world and message through his original pictures.


Our museum is a place where everyone could
enjoy the world of manga by directly touching
and appreciating the charm of original pictures.

Fun Mind

Come and feel the “Fun Mind” of
Fujiko·F·Fujio, then every visitor's face
will be filled with a big smile.

A Bit Mysterious SF

Visitors are able to experience a bit
of Fujiko·F·Fujio's mysterious SF world.


Our museum is intended to be nurtured by
families, friends, and neighbors.

New Discovery

There are exclusive items which could not be
seen in other places. Our museum would fulfill
the visitor's curiosity and make them want to
come back.


Our museum coexists with the nature which
surrounds us; therefore, it would give the
visitor a strong sense of every season.


This museum is where people would be
satisfied with our warm hospitality.

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Photo Fujiko·F·Fujio

Nom de Plume Fujiko·F·Fujio
Real Name Hiroshi Fujimoto


1933 Born on December 1st, in Takaoka-city, Toyama Prefecture.
1944 Became friends with Motoo Abiko,
who was transferred to Fujimoto's elementary school.
1951 Both were inspired by Osamu Tezuka and started to submit their work to periodicals.
Tenshi no Tama-chan” was their publishing debut on “Mainichi Shogakusei Shinbun”.
1954 Moved to Tokyo with Mr. Abiko, so that they could earnestly aim for professional manga artist.
Resided at Tokiwa-so; i.e., an apartment where many young manga artists once lived before becoming famous.
Chose Fujiko Fujio as their nom de plume.
1961 Moved to Ikuta, Kawasaki-city, Kanagawa Prefecture. Hereafter, they have created many masterpieces such as “Obake no Q-taro”, “Perman”, “Doraemon”, etc.
1987 They ended their partnership and renamed his nom de plume as “Fujiko·F·Fujio”.
1996 Passed away on September 23, at the age of 62.

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